A lifetime of knowledge

Over the years many diverse projects have contributed to an ever-growing wealth of experience in the racing industry. From the rough and tumble of grass-track racing to the refined world of restorations, our success in blending form with function on the racetrack speaks for itself.


The right formula

A passion for racing can start anywhere, and what better place than the no-nonsense world of glass-track racing. Back in in 1980’s it wasn’t about how much money you had, but more a battle of engineering skill. This mantra remains the cornerstone of the TN Racing philosophy to this day.

The best in the business

It’s not what you know, but who you know, as the saying goes. During a lifetime in motorsport TN Racing has amassed an impressive contact list, with access to the best services in engine building, composites, heavy machining and much more.

Classic experience

Years spent on various restorations, for clients and personal projects, has instilled a meticulous attention to detail. From Jaguar & Daimler through to Austin & MG, theres a wealth of engineering experience to be drawn upon.